2 days of coaching can

TRANSFORM your game forever…



This 2-day pickleball intensive training is specifically designed for players that are absolutely dedicated to getting to the next level. I've seen hundreds of players absolutely transform their game, and I'm confident that I can do the same for you. There can be many ways to improve your game, but when you have an expert (me) on your side that you can trust, and you follow the exact steps that I lay out for you, you WILL drastically improve your game, guaranteed.

Check out everything this 2-day intensive has to offer below:


✅ 10 Total Hours of Training on the Court

This 2-day pickleball intensive consists of 10 hours of on-court training over two days. 5 hours each day.

✅ Intimate and Personal 4:1 Student to Coach Ratio

Many camps and clinics that players attend all around the country have an 8:1, or even a 16:1 student to coach ratio. This makes it absolutely impossible to cater to a player’s individual needs. In this 2-day pickleball intensive, Jordan will be working with you and 3 other players, breaking down your individual games, and will be able to work with each of you 1-on-1, so that you can make tremendous leaps in your improvement as a player. 

✅ Pre-intensive Game/Drill Assessment & Discovery Call

After the intensive is booked, you will send Jordan a video of you playing a game and/or drilling, which Jordan will view to thoroughly assess your game beforehand, so that he can prepare to help and coach you to your specific needs. Also, you will get on a 1-on-1 call with him to tell him your goals as a player and what specific areas you'd like addressed during the 2-day intensive.

✅ 1.5 Hour Strategy Session and Q&A

This will be an awesome time to get to know Jordan as a coach and as a person, and also a great time to get to know the other players a bit better as well. Jordan will talk strategy, technique, and all things pickleball, so feel free to bring any questions that you may have, and be ready to take notes! *Location TBD.

✅ Individual (Personalized) Action Plan for Maximum Improvement

Jordan will make you a customized IAP (Individual Action Plan) as you return home to work on all of the new things that you have learned over the 2 days of coaching. This will be a 1 page document that will be tailored to your personal improvement, which will help keep you accountable to doing all the things that you need to do to guarantee success on the court.

✅ Follow-up 1 hour Private Group Strategy/Improvement Call and Q&A 

This will be a private zoom video coaching call with all 4 players in the group that were part of the intensive. During this time, you can update Jordan on your progress, and ask him any questions about how to stay on track with your improvement, or anything else about pickleball. This is a very valuable call as you continue to improve after the intensive, and work on reaching your goals. *This video group coaching call will be scheduled 2-4 weeks after the intensive.




✅ Slo-mo Video Technical Breakdown of 1 Specific Shot of your Choice

Jordan will video 1 specific shot that you would like to improve. If you're struggling and want to improve your serve, backhand topspin swinging volley, or any other shot - he will get slow-mo footage of you and will conduct a technical video breakdown of your stroke, and how to improve it to make it better. This will be sent out to you before the private group strategy coaching call.

✅ Loom Video Strategy Breakdown

Jordan will do a full video strategy breakdown of at least one game that is played during the intensive. As Jordan breaks the game down, he will focus on strategy and technique, which will help you analyze your own game going forward. Video breakdowns are one of the best ways to assess your game and your progress. As Jordan breaks down your technique, decision making, and shot selection, you will have expert eyes over your game. This will be a very valuable piece to your learning and improvement. This video breakdown will be sent to you before the private group strategy coaching call. 

✅ Free Briones Pickleball Shirt!

Included in the intensive, is a FREE Briones Pickleball t-shirt!

What VIP students have to say:

Jackie N.

“A big shoutout and heartfelt thanks to Jordan Briones for an incredible 2-Day Intensive Pickleball Training at his home court in Chandler, Arizona!  My nephew, Ryan and I could not be more pleased with the expert instruction provided to us (and two local players, Zack and Becky).  The 4:1 session was perfect. Jordan is professional and extremely personable.  His training is very comprehensive and will be followed up with Zoom calls, emails, etc. to check on our progress.  I've been a big fan of Jordan's for awhile, so meeting and being able to play with him was a big highlight for me. 😁  Special thanks also to Katrina Briones for graciously helping me arrange everything.”

Zack C.

"I was lucky enough to attend Jordan's first 2 day intensive training program and it is literally a game changer. After spending 2 days doing a deep dive into your game you cannot help but to level up your game. I have previously attended a Gamma Camp and there is no comparison between the two. With Jordan's program it is a 1 to 4 ratio with Jordan himself. Having the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized input on your game makes the difference. If you are serious about your game and are willing to put in the work, Jordan will get you to the next level."

Meet Your Coach

Jordan Briones

Jordan Brave Briones was born and raised in Northern California. Back in early 2014, Jordan picked up his first pickleball paddle. After that began a lifelong journey to learn and master all the skills and strategies in the game of pickleball.
He spent the next few years working really hard on his game, and it definitely paid off, as he started competing at the national level. In 2017, he started teaching pickleball, and helped grow the largest pickleball instructional Youtube channel to date.
Jordan was ranked top 20 in the world at the peak of his playing career. After years of competing with and against some of the all time greats, he decided to focus on growing his family and teaching others all the skills and strategies that he learned along the way.

Intensive Schedule



Training :    8:00am - 11:00am 

Lunch    :    11:00am - 12:00 noon 

Training :    12:00 noon - 2:00pm

Strategy and Q&A 3:00pm - 5:30pm

[Snacks/drinks included]



Training :     8:00am - 11:00am 

Lunch    :     11:00am - 12:00noon 

Training :    12:00 noon - 2:00pm 

Intensive appreciation dinner/recap at 3:00pm

[Dinner included]

2-day VIP Intensives will be held at Springs Pickleball, an 8-Indoor Court Pickleball facility located in Colorado Springs

Now booking for June & July 2023

Ryan N.

"I had the opportunity to join Jordan for a 2-day pickleball intensive. Leading up to the 2-day intensive, Jordan assessed "game tape" I sent to determine where I could enhance my game the most and reached out to ask about areas I wanted to develop, whether it be related to drilling or strategy. Jordan had several drills to work on the areas we discussed, but also made them fun by implementing some friendly competition with others, which made me focus even more! Over the two days, he took time to show us drills and broke down a slo-mo video of my serve and some games that we played. Seeing myself in action and having him break down each point was super helpful (and also humbling). He also played some games with the group, which was really awesome! I can't say enough good things about Jordan, the coaching, and the reassurance he provided. It was definitely well worth it and made me feel like the next level is well within reach. One added bonus was the follow-up Zoom call to see how I was progressing, and the opportunity to talk strategy for an upcoming
tournament. He even broke down some points played at the pro level. I highly recommend taking advantage of Jordan's knowledge and coaching style if you ever have the chance! Many thanks again to Jordan (and Katrina) for all that you've done!"

Becky H.

"Jordan’s 2-day intensive was a great experience!  He created an easy going and fun atmosphere packed with excellent analysis, instruction and skill development. Jordan is great at reinforcing key concepts and is quick to see what each player can do to improve in these specific areas.  We had a good balance of instruction, practice, and drills. Not only did he show and us what we could do to improve, he also supplied great general and individualized videos and other reference materials for us to reference later. Jordan’s game breakdown video was immensely helpful.  He went through a video of a game we played where he would stop the action, describe what we were doing right and where we could improve. That allowed us to see and understand the skills he was teaching and how to apply them. My skill level has improved already and I left knowing what I need to work on and how to do it to become a better player. I highly recommend this 2-day intensive!"