Jordan Briones

Briones Pickleball Coach


Jordan Brave Briones was born and raised in the Northern California. Back in early 2014, Jordan picked up his first pickleball paddle. He was invited by a friend, and after about 5 minutes, he was hooked for life. Previously, his passion was for tennis, but like many others, that changed very quickly. After playing and challenging all the local recreational players in his area, he finally entered his first tournament that year in Southern California with his father, and got crushed. Two and out.


After that began a lifelong journey to learn and master all the skills and strategies in the game of pickleball. With the lack of information on pickleball at that time, Jordan was forced to really study the game from the inside out. He spent the next few years working really hard on his game, and it definitely paid off, as he started competing at the national level. In 2017, he co-founded PrimeTime Pickleball. This then became the largest, and most well-known pickleball instruction resource for pickleball players on the internet. After helping tens of thousands of pickleball players all around the world, he decided to start Briones Pickleball in late 2021.


Jordan was ranked top 20 in the nation at the peak of his playing career. After years of competing with and against some of the all time greats, he decided to focus on growing his family and focus more on teaching others all the skills and strategies that he learned along the way. Today he is a proud husband of his wife, Katrina Briones, and also a proud father of their three kids: Josiah, Mayah, and Jedidiah.